Mental Training for Athletes


What We Help Develop

Athletic Ability

You can't play your sport if you don't have the physical ability to perform the different skills and techniques required to make the sport what it is. Here at Super Ninja we design sport specific drills that will enhance your endurance, strength, speed, and sport specific skills.

Mental Toughness

Many people believe that developing physical skills and abilities in their sport is the best way to become a high performing athlete. While this is a very important aspect of your game that needs constant work, often the most growth and especially the ability to break through barriers to growth are best achieved through development of your mental game.

“Apparently, letting go of my grip on life released an energy that paradoxically made it possible for me to run with utter abandon toward life. ‘Abandon’ is a good word to describe what happens to a tennis player who feels he has nothing to lose. He stops caring about the outcome and plays all out. ... It is caring, yet not caring; it is effort, but effortless at the same time.”
- Inner Game of Tennis p.132 Timothy Gallwey

Teamwork and Leadership Skills

Regardless of whether you play a team sport or not, teamwork and leadership skills can be of use in your sport. Many of the skills required to be a great teammate can also help you be a better individual.

“Once one recognizes the value of having difficult obstacles to overcome, it is a simple matter to see the true benefit that can be gained from competitive sports. In tennis who is it that provides a person with the obstacles he needs in order to experience his highest limits? His opponent, of course! Then is your opponent a friend or an enemy? He is a friend to the extent that he does his best to make things difficult for you. Only by playing the role of your enemy does he become your true friend. Only by competing with you does he in fact cooperate! No one wants to stand around on the court waiting for the big wave. In this use of competition it is the duty of your opponent to create the greatest possible difficulties for you, just as it is yours to create obstacles for him. Only by doing this do you give each other the opportunity to find out to what heights each can rise.”
- Inner Game of Tennis p.120 Timothy Gallwey

For Teams

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