Sports Teambuilding Program

Building an effective, efficient, and high performing team is what we do best. Let us customize an incredibly fun and engaging learning experience for your team so they can compete at the highest level possible.


Program Themes

Leadership Skills

While it is often understood that leadership is reserved for those in charge, here at Super Ninja we believe the best teams inspire every athlete to be a leader. Although there are many different types of leaders, your most valuable leaders are those that have bought in to your team with a desire to help the team be successful regardless of their position. Our mental training teambuilding programs ensure your athletes have the skills and abilities to be the best advocates for your team's success.

Communication Skills

The most effective curriculums in the workplace teach employees how to communicate with themselves, their coworkers, and their customers. Your employees are the face of your company so it is imperative that you teach them the skills necessary to leave a positive, enthusiastic, and memorable experience in the minds of everyone they interact with. We strive to incorporate effective communication practices into every program we develop, and our communication specific program delves into detail and enhances your employees communication skills.

Teamwork & Problem Solving Skills

Everyone on your team was hired for a reason. They all have something to bring to the table and help your company accomplish incredible things. When personalities collide, or your team runs into unforeseen issues, it becomes imperative your team has the skills and tools to help them solve these problems and get your company functioning smoothly, problem-free. Our Teamwork and Problem Solving program is specifically designed to help your team learn effective problem solving skills, and most importantly it offers many safe opportunities to practice those skills so they can use them effectively in the workplace.

Goal Setting & Focus Skills

At Super Ninja we believe that leadership happens at every level within an organization and your most important leaders are those that have bought in to your company's mission and vision. We also believe that it is possible for a company to be full of leaders when they have the skills necessary. Our teambuilding programs ensure your employees are in the best position to be advocates for your company mission/vision.

Relationship Building Skills

Also known as our team bonding program. The first step in building an effective team is getting to know each other and figuring out how to get along with each other. Our Relationship Building program helps your employees get to know each other, see each other in a different environment, and most importantly to give them a fun, exciting, and positive experience to share.

Technical, Company Specific Skills

You hire your employees for a specific job, but are you able to give them the tools necessary to perform at their best? Does your employee training program teach your employees in the best way possible? Here at Super Ninja we design company specific learning curriculums that will enhance your employee's technical skills for the job you hire them for.

“Once one recognizes the value of having difficult obstacles to overcome, it is a simple matter to see the true benefit that can be gained from competitive sports. In tennis who is it that provides a person with the obstacles he needs in order to experience his highest limits? His opponent, of course! Then is your opponent a friend or an enemy? He is a friend to the extent that he does his best to make things difficult for you. Only by playing the role of your enemy does he become your true friend. Only by competing with you does he in fact cooperate! No one wants to stand around on the court waiting for the big wave. In this use of competition it is the duty of your opponent to create the greatest possible difficulties for you, just as it is yours to create obstacles for him. Only by doing this do you give each other the opportunity to find out to what heights each can rise.”
- Inner Game of Tennis p.120 Timothy Gallwey

The Process

Step 1 - Consultation with Coach

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” - James Baldwin

First things first, we need to find out where your team is and where you want it to be and then we can figure out how to line these two things up. Here at Super Ninja, we have a passion for helping teams grow and finding out how to be the highest functioning team possible, and our greatest tool is customizing the event to your company's individual needs. Each program we run will have similar activities, but the experience and the learning are unique to every group.

Step 2 - Develop Training Schedule

We will then look at your team's schedule and work with you to develop a schedule that works for you. If you're looking for a single workshop to boost your team's performance past a slump, we'll find a convenient time to get you in. If you would like to really help the learning stick, try one of our 6-week programs to help you incorporate the learning into your team culture. If you're looking for a way to keep your athletes in physical shape while they train their brain, be sure to check out our Leadership Adventure Partnerships with Xtreme Challenge Arena in Centennial or Warrior Challenge Arena in Broomfield.

Step 3 - Introduce Tools for Growth

Through extensive study and personal practice, Super Ninja has created and refined several tools to enhance your implementation of high performance skills and techniques during practice and competition. While it is important for you to know and understand the different techniques and skills for mental training (which we can lead you to the appropriate resources if necessary), we believe that it is more important for you to be able to implement these techniques easily and often in all aspects of your sport.

Products and Pricing

Mental Training Workshops

Select one of the 5 main topics that your team would like to work on and we'll provide the fun, playful, and engaging activities to help your athletes solidify their abilities to use different skills.
Our standard program consists of:


Leadership Adventure Partnerships

We’ve partnered with a couple Ninja Warrior style arenas to offer a super human add on to our regular programs. This add on offers an opportunity to put skills learned in our workshops into practice during some spectacularly fun and engaging activities that will put you and your team to the test. Sports teams also have the option to add this to the regular 6 week program to supplement the program with physical training.

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